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seattle art book fair, 2024

short run, 2023
s zine

this project is part collab and part gift. this zine is a partial collection of my grandma's paintings. she is a self taught non-traditional painter using various bird feathers and sponges to paint her expressive, reflective & personal works. my grandma has been a constant figure of inspiration and creativity in my life and i am thrilled to have worked on another project with her to showcase the paintings and process in an alternative way. her paintings are fluid and expressive, taking that same approach, each zine is collated differently, giving each zine a unique viewing experience. the covers display a hand painted "s" representing the way my grandma signs her paintings.

paintings by sharon campbell

design by trevor giove

printed at paper press punch in seattle, wa on mohawk via vellum 80lb text with sunflower, orchid, kelly green, light lime, fluo orange, light teal, bright red, aqua and black risograph inks